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Stay tuned in 2020 for some big changes that incorporate The Last Post's already extensive tribute and listing services with new and better features to make the celebrating the life of family and friends who have died even easier.

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When a loved one dies, you will need to find a Funeral Director.












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You will need to inform your family and friends.

Advantages of using The Last Post

Our free online Death and Funeral Notices are similar to what you would publish in a newspaper, but they also have the benefits of

  • being available worldwide, for everyone to see, at any time
  • they can be updated quickly and easily if the funeral details change
  • they're free and can easily be shared within your community.


Thoughts about Online Notices


Some thoughts about publishing death and funeral notices online can be found on our blog:

From the old to the new
- publishing notices and tributes online.

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Create a tribute site

Create and share a Tribute Site for your loved one who has died.


Start creating a tribute site


A Tribute Site costs $55 (including GST) and features:

  • a link from the Death or Funeral Notice
  • a choice of templates
  • a slideshow type photo album
  • flexible space to include other details about the funeral, an extended Death Notice, an obituary, or other details you require
  • a comments forum that you moderate, where friends can add condolences and share their memories
  • a link to YouTube if you wish to share a video - e.g. of the funeral service
  • links to social media for easy sharing


Design your Tribute Site, pay to publish it only when when you're happy that it's what you want, and then share it easily with family & friends.

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Notify Me of a Name

You can subscribe to a service that notifies you if a Funeral Notice is added for names you specify. This helps when someone is terminally ill or has recently passed away, and the funeral details are yet to be organised.

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You can also receive a PDF listing of recent funerals by email, at daily, weekly or monthly intervals.

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Free Resources

We're here to help. We're glad you visted the blog

We’ve got articles for you to browse on:

  • Tributes: celebrating lives through tributes
  • Bequests: continuing giving with bequests
  • How to organise a funeral: helping you with the details you may not have expected
  • Grieving: understanding grief so you can receive the support you need
  • Environmental funerals: sustainability is another passion of mine, so I’ve written about organising a green funeral
  • The Last Post: This contains information about us, including questions and feature


We add articles regularly, so feel free to visit again.

Most importantly, we hope these articles help you, and we'd love to hear from you if you have questions that you’d like answered. You’re welcome to leave a comment on the blog, or if you prefer email and/or 'phone, please contact us directly.

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