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The Need

We may not want to talk about it, but we're all going to experience the death of someone close to us

Even though it’s the most inevitable experience, we seem to know so little about it.

  • How will we feel and react?

  • How do we organise a funeral?

  • How can we acknowledge and celebrate the lives of people we know and love?

When we need this information, we’re least equipped to be able to find and process it.

The Last Post is designed to support you with the tasks that you need to do, and provide insights into the feelings and reactions you may experience during this time. By understanding what you're going through, you will be better able to seek the support that you need.

The Service

The Last Post helps you find and organise funerals; connect with your community; celebrate the lives of people close to you; and find answers to questions about this profound experience that we all go through.

We offer:


The aim of The Last Post is to help you when you need it most.


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