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Helen Margaret Connors

07-08-1951 - 13-02-2018

Funeral Details

3:00 PM
Wednesday 21st February 2018 at St Annes Catholic Church, Riddell Rd, Sunbury, VIC

Tobin Brothers
(03) 9328 3999

Wife of Bill

Mother of Jackie and Georgia

Mother-in-law of Peter and Andrea

Mama of Ruby Grace and Archie and of Spencer and Jordan

Sister of Carol

Extra Details

Private Cremation

Refreshments after the Funeral Prayers at Sunbury Football Club

Donations to Lost Dogs Home


State Bank Victoria (Facebook Page)

March 28th, 2018 at 8:20 pm

Albert Achterberg: I am very sad to advise that Helen Connors passed away yesterday after a short battle with cancer. Helen started with the SBV and finished as a Manager of CBA Kyneton Branch she will be sadly missed. A great lady. Anne O'Brien: I worked with Helen at Melton. She will be sadly missed. A beautiful lady taken too soon. Gina Urban: RIP Helen. Linda Sayer | worked with Helen at Hadfield sbr branch approx. 1990 RIP Lovely lady Anqela Macko: Sad to hear Maz Thomson: I remember working with Helen when she relieved at Sunbury or maybe when I went to Gisborne with Adecco. Condolences to her family Phil Kyte: So sorry to hear I worked with Helen in a number of places whilst on relieving staff and remember her as a great teammate. Robert Laidler: To Bill and family - sincere condolences. Great lady, both in the Bank and in Rotary. Eddie Vassalo: Such sad news Albert. A lovely lady who had a great husband and 2 lovely daughters as I remember. RIP Helen. Condolences to the family. Susan Rickard - Rooke: Such sad news... worked with Helen at 317 Hadfield. Beautiful lady... Condolences to the family.

Julie Carmody

March 6th, 2018 at 2:59 pm

My dear friend Helen, you were my best friend which no one can replace. I have laughed and cried with you. You helped me go through some pretty tough times and been there through the wonderful times. You loved your family and were so proud of Jackie, Georgia and their partners Peter and Andrea, we couldn’t wait to have grandchildren together, we would laugh at the thought because we both wanted to spoil them rotten then give them back. I only have to go into our garden and be reminded of you, I have a fern which belonged to your Mother, you gave it to me after we cleaned out your Mother’s house, an orchid that we brought on day in Gisborne and a rose which David, Bill you and I brought at Bendigo. I have so many found memories of you, Bill, David and I in Thailand, Swan Hill, Portarlington and Yamba. I have also so many fond memories of our lunches together and our shopping trips, you looking after Archie and myself looking after Xavier, we made a day of getting together so the boys could play and we would have a talk. In the earlier days going to the gym and doing body balance classes, it didn’t help us much but we had fun. David and I are so blessed to have had you as a friend and we will miss you every day and if anyone has a friend like you I hope they cherish that friendship because you were one in a million. I never got to say goodbye, so for now I will say till we meet again. We love you Helen. Love always Julie and David xxxx


February 26th, 2018 at 1:12 pm

I feel so much more than I'm able to express at this time. The loss of Helen has suffocated my heart for the second time in my life. Helen has been a long time friend of the family, she new my husband Michael from the time he was barely 13 years old. On his passing Helen stepped up and was there for me every moment of the way. We shopped our way through our grief and began many diets and exercises including thia chi. I have a small poem my dear friend for the gratitude I feel to have had you in my life. POEM: To lose someone I loved so much Brings pain beyond belief There are no words to ease my pain, my sadness and my grief, I feel I've lost someone so close, so wonderful and dear, I think about your special ways and wish that you were near. But although you have left this world, you'll stay within my heart, Guiding like an angel even though we are apart. For love is everlasting and so are my memories - Your legacy that's always there to light the way for me. Love Danni Bill, girls and extended family, my promise to you will be that I will be there for you at any time of the day, for now and always as Helen was there for me.xx

Brett Connors

February 25th, 2018 at 8:10 pm

Helen Connors was my sister in law, whom I met in 1968, when I was only 7 or 8. I have a strong memory of Helen, Bill, Jean and Carl playing a board game in our sisters Lizzie's bedroom in Ronalds Court, Drouin around that time and the room was filled with smiles, laughter and joy. This was Helen: smiles, laughter and joy. As an 8 year old boy, I always felt like Helen was pleased to see me. She had that effect on me for the next 50 years. My life was made infinitely better because Helen was in it. It is unfathomable that Helen is no longer with us, that I will not see that smile, hear that laughter or feel that joy again. That absence is heavy, as heavy as anything I have ever felt. Her passing at such a young age leaves me feeling cheated that there should have been so much more time, so much more joy. It is truly sad for us all, however if she had not been part of my life at all, it would have been more tragic for me. Vale Helen, a life well lived, you will be so sadly missed.

Greg & Glenda Seach

February 25th, 2018 at 3:10 pm

We first met Helen & Bill when they joined MBCM about 17 years ago. After our first meeting it was evident that they were kindred spirits who enjoyed having a good time while not taking life too seriously. Helen had an infectious enthusiasm for all things and would always have her unique view on matters which were usually very insightful. She was a joyful spirit, a loyal friend, articulate, generous, compassionate and knowledgeable on many topics. We will always have loving memories of Helen from our trip to England and Europe with Bill and Helen for Helen's 60th birthday. Love from Greg. The things that I remember about Helen: Her friendship and kindness. Her laughter and ability to make you laugh with her quick wit. Her passionate views on all aspects of life and acceptance of your views. Her love of her family and for all of her friends. Her generosity to those around her. Her love of cooking & wonderful recipes that she made. Her love of travel and interest in going to new places. We will miss you Helen. Love from Glenda Love and condolences to Bill, Jackie, Georgia and all the family. Love from Greg and Glenda.

Joe And Yvonne Nemeth

February 25th, 2018 at 1:37 pm

Bill we are so happy to have the memory of you and Helen making a surprise visit with us in December (2017) at Yarrawonga. Joe and I really enjoyed having lunch and talking about our families. We still can’t believe only 2 months later we made a trip to Sunbury to say goodbye to Helen. Our love and thoughts are with you the girls and families. OxoxoxO Ox OxoxoxO

Desley Milner

February 25th, 2018 at 10:58 am

Dear Helen. I know how special you were to my sister Jean Connors. She was always speaking of you. So glad you were able to attend the Connors Christmas Do. Memories to be treasured. Sincere condolences to all her family. Desley and Ray Milner, and the Notman Family. RIP. xx

Jean Connors

February 24th, 2018 at 9:47 pm

Dearest Helen. We are still coming to terms with the fact that you are gone. It just is not fair that such a kind, loving and vibrant person has been taken. We all had some wonderful times over very many years. You have been such a fantastic sister in law and aunty to us and we will miss you terribly. Rest now our dear Helen. We love you. Jean, Carl, Sean and Scott. Xx

Mary White

February 24th, 2018 at 9:11 pm

Helen Connors a lovely lady who was an inspiration to all who crossed her path. Helen always gave time to listen and show she was interested in what you had being doing since the last time we caught up while sharing a story or two with you. A beautiful huge SMILE that would always light up the room. Helen you were taken so quickly and so young - life is not always how we plan. May you be at peace and enjoying the party in heaven. My Love and sympathy to Georgia, Bill, Jackie and families au the emptiness slowly ease with the great memories you all share xxx😘

Bec Watkins

February 24th, 2018 at 8:48 pm

As a young child I was often told how much I was like Helen at the same age: similar in the way I made up silly songs and stories; similar in my view of the world - naturally I took this to mean that my “Aunty Helly” was the only one who understood me. Whether or not this was so, Helen always made me feel loved, cared for and heard when I was with her. She was wonderfully maternal and, despite my being extremely trying at times, she never hesitated to offer the support I required (even transporting a Siamese fighting fish in her handbag across two states). I took for granted the ability to phone Helen for advice when my own parents were unreachable due to their prolonged trekking and I will miss that voice of reason on the end of the phone. This last August we were thrilled to have Helen and Bill to stay with us for a night. Looking back I wonder what I’d have done differently if I’d known it was the last time I would see her. Would I have taken photos? Would I have told her how much she meant to me? Would I have paid more attention to the roast pork so that we weren’t eating so late? I like to think that we would still have shared the bottles of wine and the laughter because so many of the memories I cherish are filled with that laughter. Thank you, Helen for understanding me and being the best aunt a girl could have. I love you.

Laraine Smith

February 24th, 2018 at 3:39 pm

Helen We met you and Bill in 2001 when you joined the MBCM franchise. For many years it was obvious at our social functions that you loved to party - as did Philip and I. We got to know each other even better when we were at Board meetings together and I admired your ethics and dedication to the Company. It was a natural progression on each of our retirement. that you and I would go on to organise the MBCM Retirees Group which enabled many of us old Mbcm friends to keep in touch. Our last one just back in November last year. If only we'd known it was our last time together - we would have cherished it more- however how glad I am that we started that group and we will go on but will miss your cheery face. Our love to Bill, Jackie, Georgia and their families. Love Laraine and Philip.

Teresa Clapperton

February 24th, 2018 at 1:23 pm

Helen,our time in Darling Crt, Sunbury was when we first met you, Bill& gorgeous Jackie& Georgia! We became instant friends!with others in the St.Kevin & I often reminisce about those years. I became your Hairdresser,I miss those little chats doing your hair in different styles & colour.All those great events we would put together with our partners in crime!these days you have to go to Uni to learn what we created!Cheze Darling! Bunny Club etc.our children played together & we played with them on our Great camping holidays ! We moved to Brisbane, you & Bill came up & we went to the rainforest.I will never forget that scream !when Kev& I turned around to find you jumping on Bill. You thought it was a spider on you when it was a leaf falling from a tree!! For my 40 you Bill & our trusty neighbors came & surprised me for my birthday!i was so humbled & great full for such wonderful friendships. Helen I wanted to bring in some of my photos of wedding I had done I n my Business. You where the one who kept persisting that I start a wedding business ! I took on the challenge because of your support & belief that I could do it. That is the kind of person you are, kind , caring , fun , strong, generous ,loving& intelligent are some of your attributes.when Kevin& I moved back here , it was so good to catch up with you & Bill & hoping to do more , but alas it was not going to be. I’m Happy I was able to spend a little time with you when you where Ill. Not knowing what was to come. Thank you to your family for giving me the Honour of arranging your flowers for your fairwell. There is a very big hole left in the World& many hearts, but when we start to see all the wonderful things That made up Helen we see the Bright Star!! Love you Helen Teresa& Kevin

Ken And Julie Weidner

February 22nd, 2018 at 3:40 pm

Helen, We are so so sad,to say goodbye to you. We have always considered you to be a very special friend to us both. We cannot imagine never being able to spend time with you again, never being able to have a drink together and talk about what has happened in our lives since we last caught up. Helen you were such a beautiful person, so kind, so generous and always such a good friend. We are very thankful to have had you as a dear friend, a friend for over 40 years. To Bill, Jackie and Georgia, and families our hearts ache for you and we send you our love, we know that you have had to deal with unimaginable pain over the last 6 weeks, Helen would have been so proud of you all. To our dear friend Helen , we love you and will miss you so much. Rest in peace Helen xxxx

Liz Connors

February 22nd, 2018 at 8:41 am

Oh Helen - my heart aches. It was 50 years ago when Bill first introduced Helen to his family. You were just 16. I was 10. You were our very first sister in law and you had me at ‘hello’. You have always been family. I don't ever remember a time when you have not been in our family. The last time we were all together as a family was this last Christmas. You had cooked a beautiful Christmas pudding. It was such a joyful day and the memory of it will stay with me forever. I am so grateful for that day. So many memories. Like the time 13 years ago, in 2004 when you and Bill came to live with me for 5 months while your house was being built. We learnt a lot about each other over those 5 months - but the most I learnt was the great love you and Bill had for each other. It was the best time and is one of my most cherished memories of you and Bill living with me - including Christmas eve when we were dressing up the Christmas Tree. We were dancing, belting out christmas carols, dancing around the christmas tree having the best bloody time. It is one of my most cherished memories. So many memories. Like the time when I broke up with my first boyfriend. I was 18 and devastated. You found me sitting on the back step of our house crying. You put your arms around me and comforted me like a protective mother. And you were just 24. I won't ever forget that memory, or the feeling of safety, and protection and love in that moment. You had an intuitiveness when someone else was hurting or needed comforting. Or the many times you picked me up at the airport coming home from one of my many trips. I remember coming back from England in 2009 and there you were on the other side of the gate, smiling and waving, it was so great to see your smiling face. And I stayed overnight at your house in Sunbury with fresh towels on the bed, and slippers and lots of comfort food. You always had an open heart, an open door, never turned anyone away. You loved taking care of people. You were a mother to all of us. So many memories. Memory is a wonderful thing because it lives. As we live, our memory of you Helen will live - in our hearts, our minds, and in our stories that we pass on to the next generation. Life does go on, we can't stop that, but it's just not ever going to be the same. I am going to miss you so much. Love ya Helly. xxx

Laran And Annette

February 22nd, 2018 at 8:06 am

Dearest Helen now at peace. Helen you were the dearest most friendliest person Annette and myself have ever met. You are truly one of a kind and now the world is worse off without you. You were truly an inspiration to all you met and everyone loved you so much. You were such a special wife for Bill and the best mum ever for Georgia and Jackie. You achieved so much in life and new how to do all you did with love and generosity. Helen to me you were really an incredible person, one of a kind and special in every regard. I love you Helen and Bill...taken way too early, and Bill be strong... believe me Helen will be missing you just as much and wanting you to continue on with th love and memories you both shared together forever

Andrea Mewburn

February 21st, 2018 at 9:59 am

Helen, thank you for being so kind, generous, thoughtful and loving to me and your grandsons. You were a beautiful "Ma" to Spence and Jordy and mother in law to me. You have been taken away from all of us way too quickly. We are going to miss you so much. May you be in a beautiful place without anymore pain. Forever in our hearts xx

Georgia Connors

February 21st, 2018 at 9:21 am

How do I sum up in a few words what you meant to me and how I felt about you? Its an impossible task, so I will mention just a few. Thank you mum for everything you have done for me. You have loved me, supported me and encouraged me. You taught me to stand up for myself, to be loyal, strong and independent. You taught me that sometimes in life you have to do things you don’t want to do, because it is the right thing to do. You taught me to be hard working, confident and dedicated. You taught me the importance of family. Christmas time and doing the pinata will never be the same. Watching Collingwood play footy where you spend half the game yelling at the TV and the other half of the game hiding in your room reading a book so you don’t jinx them, will never be the same. Easter, Birthdays, Family get together’s will never be the same, they will all be missing your touch that made things special. Nothing will be the same again, but all I can do is promise to keep your memory alive and make sure the boys always know who their Mama was. Thank you for everything you have done for me over the years, and more recently everything you have done for my beautiful family, Andrea, Spender and Jordan. I will never forget what I now know to be your precious time that you gave up over the last few years to look after our boys, and I now realise that that time would have been so precious to you. Thank you for always making me feel loved and accepted, for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for the words we spoke through tears in your final days, I know they were heart felt and I know you meant them. I know how much you loved me and how much I meant to you. Thank you for those final embraces, it took me back to my childhood where I felt like a little girl being consoled by her mother. Thank you for being you. I love you like I love no other. I will miss you with all of my aching heart and wish you were still here with me. Rest in peace mum xxxx

Bill Connors

February 21st, 2018 at 9:05 am

Helen Connors loved to party and loved to dance She loved to entertain and she loved to share She was the most generous person I have ever known who was always giving. She was honest and outspoken and believed in what she said. She was beautiful, engaging and good to be around. But most importantly for me is that she loved me unconditionally. I always knew it was me that she wanted to be with and it was me she would always favour. I could rely on her to be there whenever I needed her. Her love never wavered even when I took her for granted. She supported me and she defended me to the hilt as she did with anyone she loved She made me to be a better person by showing me the way She celebrated with me, consoled me, comforted me and inspired me. She was more than my soulmate, she was part of me. Helen Connors was my wife and I have lost her forever My heart aches for her and I miss her enormously.

Peter McAllister

February 20th, 2018 at 6:24 pm

Goodbye Helen. You were a truly amazing wife to Bill, mother to Jackie and Georgia, mother in law to Andrea and I and grandmother to Ruby, Grace, Archie, Spencer and Jordan. We miss you so much and remember you everyday. You were taken from us way to soon and so quickly and that is what hurts the most. May you now Rest In Peace in heavens garden with the sun gently shining down on you. Goodbye Helen.

Jackie McAllister

February 20th, 2018 at 5:48 pm

What can I say Mum, but you were a fantastic mum, friend and role model. You had all the attributes that I aspire to and you always put yourself before others. You were a hard worker, loyal and independent and wouldn’t put up with any crap!! I will miss your conversations, advice, debates, coffee catch ups, and the kids will miss their Mama and your ability to spoil them rotten! Thank you for being you and always making our lives so special and always going the extra mile to make the perfect Christmas’s, Easter’s, birthdays and anynfunction really! We have a lot to live up to. I don’t want to say goodbye - so I’ll see you again someday. Until then you will be in our thoughts and hearts every day xxx love you Mum xxx

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